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Video Game Demo Production

So, you’re ready to make your Video Game demo. Great, I’m here to help.
Why me? Well…

1. I’ve played 1000s of characters on nearly 500 games.
2. IMDB named me “one of the 20 best game voices of all time”.
3. I’ve been teaching voice acting in general and voice acting for video games specifically for over a decade.
4. I know how to create a game demo that demonstrates your acting ability and range while at the same time showcases your unique voice as the hero of your demo so that agents and casting directors get of sense of who you are as actor.

So, what’s the process?
First, we determine if you’re ready to create a demo.
Sure, I could take your money and produce a great demo for you even if you aren’t ready by giving you line reads, doing a ridiculous number of takes that would then require a lot of cutting and splicing, and of course, adding some slick production and effects.
However, if your live performance can’t live up to the performance on your
demo, it will hurt you more than help you when agents, casting directors, and clients can’t get the same kinds of performances out of you in a few takes. You will have blown your first chance to make a great first impression.

If I determine you are not ready, I will either refund your deposit except for $175 for the hour spent to do the determination/coaching session ($1075) or you may choose to purchase a 5 or 10 session coaching package.
(5 package = $700. Refund $550)
(10 package = $1350. Pay additional $100)
(All students who have purchased 5, 10, or 20 package coaching sessions receive 25% discount on demos.)

But, if you’re ready, we’ll work together to find and create the right copy for you. Then we’ll have 2 rehearsals before we record, and I’ll be there to direct your session, choose the hero takes, and add additional voices if needed. Then my production team add just the right amount of music and effects always keeping in mind that your voice if the hero of the demo.

I charge $2500 to produce video game demos and currently, those are the only demos I am producing. You pay ½ to begin the process and pay the balance once you have approved your demo. Your demo includes the fully produced individual character clips and the 90-120 second compilation demo itself.

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